A core part of VOICE’s activity is to engage in advocacy: raising the voice and concerns of the underprivileged, and addressing blind spots and underrepresented issues in the value chain.

Over the past years, topics we have focused on have included looking Beyond Certification, Beyond Productivity, Value Distribution, and Living Income.

In the coming years, we will be looking increasingly at Transparency & Accountability, as well as continuing to focus on Living Income.

Our advocacy efforts are through bilateral engagement with actors in the chain, as well as extensive engagement in global sector initiatives such as the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO), the global ISO/CEN standard on sustainable cocoa, ensuring that the World Cocoa Conferences (WCC) have a strong voice of civil society and farmers, as well as engaging with various multi-stakeholder and sector initiatives, such as the World Cocoa Foundation’s (WCF) CocoaAction program and the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI).